Motorcycle Insurance (Boat/ATV/RV)


Motorcycle insurance is very different to auto insurance, because of the unique risks you take riding. Like auto insurance you are required by the state of Kentucky to carry at least the minimum limits of liability, but can exclude or waive PIP and UM/UIM. DON’T!! Please call Steve and let him tell you why these are sometimes the most important part of a motorcycle insurance policy.

Safeco Motorcycle Discounts
-Safeco provides $1,000 in safety apparel coverage per rider with no additional charge and without a deductible – this even applies to liability-only policies; something no other carrier provides!
-New Harleys are eligible for an automatic two-year replacement cost provision.
-Our optional custom parts coverage pays for the first $3,000 in replacement parts.

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Be Prepared. Be Protected.

You’re no kid and that’s no 10-speed. To stay safe, you need complete command of your motorcycle and the best safety gear you can get. Next time you’re heading for the highway, keep in mind these helpful motorcycle safety tips.

Wear a Helmet

A motorcycle rider not wearing a helmet is 40 percent more likely to sustain a fatal head injury in a crash than a rider without a helmet.* A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study reports that “helmets saved 1,483 motorcyclists’ lives in 2009, and that 732 more could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets.”* Buy a full-face helmet for the best protection for your head and eyes. Wear other protective gear as well: heavy leather or synthetic gloves, long pants and jacket, and over-the-ankle leather boots.

Be Visible

In a crash, the SUV wins. When cars and motorcycles collide, it’s usually because the driver of the car failed to see the cyclist. With more SUVs on the road, it’s even more critical to take extra steps to become more visible. Use your headlamps—both night and day—and wear yellow, red or orange jackets to make yourself easier to see. Make a point of positioning yourself in your lane for visibility.

Take a Safe Riding Course

One out of four motorcycle drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2009 were driving with invalid licenses.* More than 90 percent of riders involved in accidents haven’t taken a formal motorcycle driving course. Get to know your bikes capabilities, like how it performs on a curve or slick roads, and you’ll become a much safer rider. Errors like over-braking, driving too fast and under-cornering are major factors in most solo mishaps.
Click here for information about The Kentucky Motorcycle Program operated by Eastern Kentucky University. This program promotes safety by establishing rider training courses throughout the state; increasing awareness of a motorcyclist’s knowledge of the effects of alcohol and drugs; developing driver improvement efforts; conducting program promotion activities; enhancing the public’s awareness of motorcycles; and promoting motorcycle safety through education.

Ride Sober

Driving impaired is more deadly for cyclers than other drivers. In fact, more than half of all motorcycle deaths occur when the rider has been drinking.