Home-Based Business Insurance

Your home-based business is your livelihood

Did you know:

  • Office equipment/inventory is not fully covered?
  • Business related liability is not covered?

Millions of home-based entrepreneurs think their business resources are protected by standard home-owners policy. However, the standard policy provides only a limited amount of coverage for business related exposures.

Many insurance companies offer home-based business endorsements. Some for as little as $25/year, doubling your standard coverage. Following is a short checklist of items to consider. Review this list carefully and discuss your options with one of our agents today.

  • Business Equipment (fax, laptop, furniture, supplies)
  • Do you store business inventory (t-shirts, books, mugs, etc)
  • Do you use a personal auto for business related activities?
  • Do you have employees?
  • Do you perform a professional service? Can someone sue you for incorrect information, defamation of character (i.e.advertising) or for making a mistake?
  • Do clients or service agents visit your home? If so, personal liability injuries should be considered.
  • How do you store computer data and customer records?
  • If you were injured while working, what would happen to your business?