Customer Testimonials

Please read below what Slade & Collins customers are saying about us!

“Erika is professional yet personable and she knew exactly what we needed. She increased our coverage significantly and still saved the church over ten thousand dollars this year! She also guided us to free training resources for our drivers & daycare staff and is proactive in assisting us to prevent claims. We are very pleased with the services of Slade & Collins Insurance.”

George Turnley, Chairman of the Trustee
First Baptist Church Bracktown, Lexington KY
George Turnley Photo

“I was not aware of how much excess we were paying in insurance premiums until we partnered with Slade & Collins. They have saved us over twenty thousand dollars this year. In addition, our agent set us up with a company who offers huge discounts on our background checks, and she directed us to free employment training resources. She is also creating a group discount for our employees’ home and auto policies. This agency has truly impressed me with their level of service and expertise. My only complaint is that we didn’t partner with them sooner.”

Jim Thompson, Owner
Creation Kingdom Partners

The following customers have provided their names as customer references for Slade & Collins.
Nancy Elberty – President of NTSG Inc.

Leslie Newman – President of Woodhill Townhome Association

Tim Cambron – President of CAMCO & NORBMAC LLC