Create a Safe Work Environment and Prevent Loss

Contractor loss is a reality for many business owners. Follow these tips to help keep your work site both safe and profitable. Conducting proactive work site audits can help prevent a large amount of losses. In fact, contractors who engage in periodic job site audits could save up to 25% on their insurance rates.

Mitigate your risk for fire.
• DO store solvent-soaked rags in an air-tight, fire-resistant container until
they can be safely disposed.
• DO put out cigarettes and cigars in a safe place while on the job site.
• DO make sure all employees are trained on how to properly use a fire
• DO create a customized emergency plan, so all employees know what to
do if a fire occurs.

Protect your assets.
• DO take special precautions to lock down all equipment, building
materials such as copper, and vehicles when not in use.
• DON’T engage in a project without first signing a formal contract
outlining the specific details of the job.

Keep your worksite clean.

• DO encourage all employees to keep areas clean and free from debris
to help avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents.
• DON’T begin work at a jobsite that seems unsafe or cluttered.
• DO conduct regular walk-throughs to identify any new (or recurring)
issues on the jobsite, and then address them immediately.

Other potential hazards for workers that can be
avoided include:

• Falls (from heights)
• Trench collapse
• Scaffold collapse
• Electric shock and arc flash/arc blast
• Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
• Repetitive motion injuries