Collectors Insurance (Auto)

Valuable Items & Collections

If it’s worth collecting, it’s worth protecting

Collecting often begins as a labor of love, but over time it can become a valuable investment. Like most collectors, you probably rely on homeowners insurance to cover loss or damage to your collectibles. But does your homeowners policy fully protect your investment?

Accidents happen and are sometimes unavoidable. Your homeowners insurance will not cover accidental breakage, nor will it cover damages or loss due to certain natural disasters such as flood. Talk to your agent today to determine if you need additional coverage.

Collector Vehicles

We love collector automobiles as much as you do and understand they need to be insured specifically. Insuring a collector auto is less expensive than you think and very easy to do. For a quick quote and list of basic guidelines of what it takes to insure a collector automobile, click the logo below or give Steve a call and let him get to work for you.

Vehicle Qualifications

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